JP Baedeker and the Tale of the Magic Kitchen Dresser


As a young child, JP Baedeker was fascinated by a blue dresser that stood in his parents’ kitchen. He believed that it came magically to life, making all sorts of strange and wonderful sounds. Join JP in finding out what secrets his Magic Kitchen Dresser holds and the feast of sounds, noise, clangs and music that he enjoys so much.

About the Author

Kevin Branigan lives in Ireland and teaches music, singing and languages. He has trained in music teaching for early years at the National Concert Hall. He is a member of folk groups Reynardine and Sunday’s Gate Quartet. Previous publications and CDs include Radio Beckett (Peter Lang Publishers), The Hare’s Dream by Reynardine, Threads of Fine Gold (Songs from the 2013 Drogheda Singing Gathering) and Ceangailt Chlainne: Singing Families from County Louth

This is Kevin’s first story for children. In it he hopes to engage both adults and children in enjoying the sounds that surround us as well as developing a curiosity in music and instruments of all types. 

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